Air Travel Myths

Flying is Expensive

The price of air travel has steadily come down over the years. Efficiency and safety have constantly improved. A generation ago it took three weeks wages to fly to Europe; now it is less than the average weekly wage.

Aircraft Air is Unclean

Actually the air in aircraft is put through high grade HEPA air filters. The air is very dry, but actually quite clean. The air environment is as clean as the people who are in it.

Unfortunately table surfaces and water in a plane can be unclean. Avoid aircraft water and sanitise any surfaces that you use

Food is Poor on Planes.

A misunderstanding. Food tastes different at high altitudes because of the lower air pressure; our tastebuds are less sensitive to sweet and salty tastes, so food seems a little bland. The background rumble of the engines also effect the dining experience. The airline food itself is not really the problem. If you take your own food it will also taste different when flying.

A Plane being hit by Lightning is Dangerous.

We would want to avoid having the plane hit by lightning, it’s not ideal. But it happens from time to time and is not noticed by most people, the average plane get hit about once per year. It hasn’t caused a crash in many decades.

Alcohol get you Intoxicated more when Flying.

Your blood alcohol content will only be effected by the amount you drink, not the altitude. But maybe a little bit of fatigue or the effect of flying is making you dizzy. Alcohol will make a pre-existing condition worse.

The Shortest Path between Points is a Straight Line

There are wind currents, turbulence and mountains to deal with. Planes take the route that uses the least fuel, which is the least expensive option.

People Could Open the Aircraft Door and get Sucked Out

Only in the movies. The pressure that would supposedly suck you out is so strong that it makes the door almost impossible to open.

Booking a Ticket at the Last Minute Means a Cheap Flight.

Sometime this does work, but more often you will miss out. Sometimes you can get a cheap ticket by booking early, or at an off peak flight time. No one way always works.

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