Avoiding Illness

It is lousy to be sick when traveling. A vacation is the time where we want to be free from concerns. But being exposed to a crowd of people will leave us exposed to several possible illnesses, and when we are in a foreign land there will be illnesses we have yet to form any immunity too. Yet precautions can lower the risk of contracting an illness.

On a Plane

  • Avoid tap water, and avoid ice. Don’t drink the coffee / tea. Drink bottled water. But do stay hydrated.
  • The blankets and pillows are used by other people. Bring your own.
  • Hot foods are safer than cold food as the heat will kill at least some bacteria. Or bring you own food.
  • The aisle seat is touched by more passengers who more through the plane, which may spread germs.
  • Air vents about the seats will filter the air. Make use of these.
  • The Restroom will be covered in germs. Use a tissue to avoid touching all surfaces.
  • Use a saline nasal spray to prevent your nose / mouth from drying out.
  • The fold out tray and seat pocket have been shown to be covered in germs. A sanitizer wipe can significantly reduce this issue on hard surfaces.

On a Cruise Ship

  • Wash your hands often. You are touching many objects (handrails, sport equipment, doors) touched by many other people. Avoid picking up the accumulating germs.
  • Use hand sanitiser.
  • Wipe down the surfaces in the cabin you stay in with antibacterial wipes – doorknobs, remotes, phones, tabletops, armrests.
  • Use your cabin’s restroom rather than the communal ones.
  • Do laundry and wear clean clothing.
  • Drink bottled water, and avoid ice cubes. Water on the ship‘s system is not the best. Stay hydrated or your immune system will be strained.
  • The food on shore leave is rather hit and miss, especially in developing countries. Avoid is in doubt.
  • Avoid touching communal food items like tongs and ladles; hold with a napkin.
  • Get plenty of sleep, despite the temptation to stay up and party all night.
  • There will be medical staff / services on the ship. Contact these at the first sign of illness.

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