Avoiding Delays and Missed Connections

We are lucky in Australia to not have too many weather extremes. It is probably part of the reason Sydney manages to continue with just the one airport. We still have to deal with delays that result from the flight’s previous destination, or problems at the destination we are travelling to. But with a sensible […]

New Travellers Tips

Guidebooks are fine, but one book will never cover everything in the city you visit. There are two main categories to watch out for – The essential items that everybody must see at that particular location; what is this city famous for. And the great undiscovered places; does the guidebook or internet list the great […]

Brief Airport Sleepovers

Sleeping at the airport has never been encouraged, but the staff are aware that travellers are in between connecting flight and have little choice. Where travellers have had a choice it is often an expensive one – airport accommodation tends to be pricy, and it feels wasted when the stay is often so short. A […]

Paper Trails

Modern ticketing is somewhat different to traditional methods. Once there was a piece of paper for everything – bus tickets, train tickets and aircraft boarding passes. Now we either have a swipe card for regular travel or an internet style system (i.e.: on the smartphone) for the infrequent trips. Come August 2016 the paper ticketing […]

Cruise Packing

Some items are needed on every trip away. Some items are only for vacation. Some items depend on the type of vacation you are taking. For a cruise ship, which is meant to be the stress free time away from it all, it helps if you have the right little conveniences with you.   A […]