Cruise Ship Hacks

Seasickness is quite rare on cruise ships under normal conditions; the large size of the boat removes almost all of the rocking motion that causes the problem. But if seasickness is an issue then use a cabin in the middle of the ship, which has the lease rocking of all. It is easy to lose […]

Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Some recent online advice Arrange for appropriate VISAs or ETS before leaving. Contact the embassy for each country. Not learning a few local customs before visiting a foreign country. You might offend a dress code. Understand tipping. Sometimes this is expected. Sometimes it is seen to be an insult. Over packing. There a weight limits […]

Visit Sydney

Sydney is a surprisingly popular tourist spot. It is ranked in the top ten most liveable cities in the world. And it is extremely popular with visiting students. The housing prices are fairly high, but they is of little concern for visitors. There is plenty to see and do. Sydney CBD. A fine place to […]

Habits for Experienced Travellers

We adapt to the situations we find ourselves in. Those who travel a lot learn a few tricks to make things easier. The rest of us can save some time by learning from their experience. Flight travel apps keep you up-to-date with information and alerts about flight delays, gate changes, cancellations, check in availability, upgrades […]

Effects of Flying

The inside of an aircraft is an artificial environment, so human beings might find that they don’t quite adapt too easily to these artificial conditions. Low humidity, low air pressure, constant background noise and increased radiation will have their effect. Flu and Colds Having many people in a confined space means being exposed to a […]