Habits for Experienced Travellers

We adapt to the situations we find ourselves in. Those who travel a lot learn a few tricks to make things easier. The rest of us can save some time by learning from their experience. Flight travel apps keep you up-to-date with information and alerts about flight delays, gate changes, cancellations, check in availability, upgrades […]

Appropriately Dressed for Flight

Human beings were not designed to fly. Nor were we designed to sit still, cramped up for several hours waiting to reach a destination. But as we do often find ourselves putting up with these conditions because reaching the destination is important, so we can do a few things to make the flight more bearable, […]

Winter Clothing

Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus Those arriving in Australia from the Northern Hemisphere sometimes forget that it is winter in the southern parts of the world. And like locals they will have to dress for the climate. Some winter warmth tips include: A heavy jacket. This is the most basic thing for cold weather, and sometimes […]

Travel Photos

Souvenir collecting is fine. But photos are hard to beat. Images of foreign lands with you family and traveling companions show what a holiday is all about. We believe that experiences are better than possessions, especially good experiences with other people. But decent photos manage to be experiences and possessions. Early and late photos can […]

Airport shuttle

Why use an airport shuttle bus? You cannot really leave your own car at the airport. Parking for even one day is expensive. Being collected by friends or relatives is a limiting situation. It might work for an individual, but can a family with all their luggage fit in a friend’s car? It is difficult […]