Cruise Ship Hacks

  • Seasickness is quite rare on cruise ships under normal conditions; the large size of the boat removes almost all of the rocking motion that causes the problem. But if seasickness is an issue then use a cabin in the middle of the ship, which has the lease rocking of all.
  • It is easy to lose the key or keycard to your cabin. Prevent this by buying a lanyard.
  • There may be a charge for using Wi-Fi on board. This is cheaper if you book in advance.
  • Cruise Ship now often have apps that let you check your account and look for complimentary services of events.
  • There is often a cruise ship app that lets you text/call other members of you party.
  • Pack a power board. Many rooms only have one power outlet, so a power board lets you (and your cabin mate) use several devices at one. A power board with USB outlets is a bonus.
  • There is often a USB point on the Television. Use this for charging your phone or device.
  • Keep electronic devices to a minimum. As long as you can take photos and connect to Wi-Fi you won’t need too much else.
  • You won’t get your luggage delivered to your cabin straight away, so have a day bag with a few basic items to use for the first few hours of the trip.
  • Pack a portable clothesline for drying a few items.
  • Pack a few magnetic hooks co you can hang up items in your cabin.
  • Separate your luggage items with sealable plastic bags – sock in one bag, underwear in another …etc. Have one bag for laundry items.
  • Have a sealable plastic bag to keep your phone and other devices dry when near the pool.
  • Use luggage that is small enough to store under the bed. It is inconvenient to have luggage taking up space in a small cabin. If you leave the luggage open under the bed you can use this for storage, rather like a draw.
  • A collapsible organizer is good for storing clothes.
  • A battery operated light, like a candle, is a good option if you don’t want the cabin lights at full intensity.
  • Some ships have a sale with their on-board shops on the last day of the cruise. This may be the best time to shop.

Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus

Our airport shuttle bus will pick up and drop off at the Sydney cruise terminal when nessesary. Use a shuttle to avoid hassle, avoid traffic by using the bus lanes, and to make sure there is plenty of room for luggage.

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