Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Some recent online advice

  • Arrange for appropriate VISAs or ETS before leaving. Contact the embassy for each country.
  • Not learning a few local customs before visiting a foreign country. You might offend a dress code.
  • Understand tipping. Sometimes this is expected. Sometimes it is seen to be an insult.
  • Over packing. There a weight limits for luggage on planes. And you can’t wear all those clothes at once. Choose the few correct items and just take them.
  • Check the weather forecast, but be prepared for the worst because the forecast is sometimes wrong.
  • Making the mistake only trying the familiar things. The whole point of being on holiday is to get away from all that. Try a few different flavours of ice cream. Ask for local recommendations.
  • Spending all your time on the smartphone. Use the net connection to find some good locations to visit, and by all means take photos. But your phone is a means to an end.
  • Direct booking of hotels and online reservation sites both have their advantages. Use both.
  • Make sure the passport is renewed for at least 6 months. Some countries won’t let you in without at least 6 month on the passport.
  • Register with smart website.
  • Notify your bank of your travel plans. They might block your card if it is used overseas.
  • Electronics power systems are different overseas. USB cables are universal. By a local USB charger for you devices. Or use USB on a hotel TV.
  • Book at least the first night at a hotel.
  • Buy travel insurance. If something goes wrong you will need this.
  • Make copies of all documents including your passport. Email these to yourself so you can always access them online.
  • Star adjusting for the time zone change before you leave to avoid jet lag.
  • Make sure to adjust or suspend your mobile plan. Don’t pay for your phone while overseas.
  • There a limits on liquids when traveling. Plans allow 3.4 ounces. Put all containers filled with liquid on sealed plastic bags.
  • Either make sure your credit card works overseas, or arrange for a travel card. Don’t use money changers at the airport.
  • Remember that you can buy some items at your destination. You can buy some decent walking shoes.
  • Get vaccinations were necessary. Having these well in advance will prevent side effects on the plane.
  • Double check flight times.
  • Always leave an hour between connecting flights. And collect and re-check your luggage form the first plane to the second.
  • Use a Sydney airport shuttle bus to make sure you are on time for your flight, and so you can be collected on your return journey. A Sydney airport shuttle means you can relax, even sleep, on your journey.
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