Habits for Experienced Travellers

We adapt to the situations we find ourselves in. Those who travel a lot learn a few tricks to make things easier. The rest of us can save some time by learning from their experience.

  • Flight travel apps keep you up-to-date with information and alerts about flight delays, gate changes, cancellations, check in availability, upgrades and possible refunds. Some will let you download your entire itinerary.
  • The right packing and luggage. A moderate size case with the right supply of socks and underwear covers most occasions. Add one or two extra items that are appropriate for the destination. Avoid packing those items that never gets used.
  • There is no real need to nay electronic items other than one phone device. Make sure you can charge this via USB. Other electronics won’t work on foreign power systems.
  • Electronic check-in – saves so much time. Great if there is no checked luggage.
  • Look at where locals eat and socialize at the destination. You can find a lot about this by browsing online. Many great restaurants are out there, only not on the tourist circuit.
  • Advise the credit card company ahead of time, telling them when and where you will be overseas. Some companies will cancel you card if it is used overseas, assuming that it has been stolen.
  • Travel cards are good for paying in foreign countries. You have money put on them before you leave and use them as you travel. There are no further fees and alterations in the exchange rate will have no impact.
  • Have some downtime.
  • Plan your trip and sleep time so that you can avoid jet lag and adapt to the local clock. You can recover 90 minutes time difference per day.
  • Register with smarttraveller.com.au
  • Use moisturizer with sunblock on the plane.
  • Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones are great for quite traveling on a plane.
  • Make use of stopovers to visit other countries.

Airport Shuttle

Use an airport shuttle bus to make sure you never miss a flight on your departure, and to be collected on your return journey. Travel in comfort form the moment you leave your home.

airport shuttle bus

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