Winter Clothing

Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus Those arriving in Australia from the Northern Hemisphere sometimes forget that it is winter in the southern parts of the world. And like locals they will have to dress for the climate. Some winter warmth tips include: A heavy jacket. This is the most basic thing for cold weather, and sometimes […]

Travel Photos

Souvenir collecting is fine. But photos are hard to beat. Images of foreign lands with you family and traveling companions show what a holiday is all about. We believe that experiences are better than possessions, especially good experiences with other people. But decent photos manage to be experiences and possessions. Early and late photos can […]

Airport shuttle

Why use an airport shuttle bus? You cannot really leave your own car at the airport. Parking for even one day is expensive. Being collected by friends or relatives is a limiting situation. It might work for an individual, but can a family with all their luggage fit in a friend’s car? It is difficult […]

Common Travel Mistakes

Do you take the first hotel room offered? There might be other, better rooms at the same price. Being cooperative and polite helps here. But don’t expect too much if you have a super budget booking. Low paying clients get the least popular room. Are you guilt of over packing? This is so common. But […]

Cruise Considerations

There are Many Types of Cabin on a Cruise Ship Inside cabins are the cheapest option. They are comfortable, but will have no outside view, unless they overlook an inner deck on the ship. If you just want a pleasant room to sleep in this is a good option. Ocean view cabins are like inside […]

Recommended Travel devices

There are more modern devices than ever before. Yet because of the many functions performed by these devices we can actually get by carrying less rather than more. Once device will sent emails, show us google maps and take more photo than we know what to do with. Sometimes it is good to have all […]

Clean Travel

A generation ago we were considered a little obsessive if we sprayed sanitiser on surfaces. Now it is getting to the point where we might be considered negligent if we don’t carry sanitizer, at least for a few situations. The other 7 billion people in this world are touching surfaces, and at least a few […]

Size and Sonic Travel

Larger Planes or More Flights. As we watched the number of travellers increase over the last generation, to the point where the airports were struggling to get all the flights in, we heard that larger aircraft were being built to deal with the situation. It turns out that this was not the best solution. Airports […]

Local Culture

Discussions by passengers on a Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus often turn to differences between Australian culture and overseas destinations. Australian: BBQ’s at hardware stores and political elections. Beetroot on so many foods, including some BBQ items. Children swingling on clotheslines. Spiders, from harmless huntsman to funnel webs that rarely cause fatalities. Checking shoes for spiders […]

Airport Shuttle Sydney

We will want to make sure out home is looked after when we are traveling. Install a home security system. Security cameras and video recorders are useful for monitoring, especially if they connect to a smartphone app. Inform a trusted neighbour of your travel plans. Give them a key and relevant information about the home […]