Winter Clothing

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Those arriving in Australia from the Northern Hemisphere sometimes forget that it is winter in the southern parts of the world. And like locals they will have to dress for the climate.

Some winter warmth tips include:

  • A heavy jacket. This is the most basic thing for cold weather, and sometimes it is enough on its own to keep us warm. Look for something that blocks the wind, which knitted wool will not do.

A trench coat, reaching down past the knees is a good option. A jacket with a hood is also a good idea.

  • Gloves make all the different to our hands, even if they are thin and simple in design. Leaving a pair of gloves in every jacket pocket is not a bad idea. This means you have a winter option all in one package.

Mittens with a fold down top that leave the fingers free to use electronic devices are one modern option.

  • Long Johns, simply long underwear beneath trousers, are a fine option for many men. The only trick is to make sure the garments are loose. Tight garments will reduce circulation in the legs, which actually makes us colder!
  • Thick stocking are one option for women, but once again the stocking must not be too tight as they cut off circulate in the legs and make us colder.
  • Hats are recommended. The old idea about losing most of the body heat through the head is exaggerated, but we will lose heat if we leave the head uncovered. A hood on a jacket is often enough.
  • If we forgo a hat, or only wear something on the very top of our head, we might want to have something to keep out ears warm. A band that wraps around our head is often sufficient for this. We can leave this in a jacket pocket ready for use.

If your stay in Sydney is brief, consider buying second hand clothes. St Vincent DePaul and the Anglican OpShop always have a few bargains. And reject / dollar stores have many small items 9gloves and hats) for only a few dollars.

It is a good idea to keep moisturizer with a mild sunscreen (SPF15+) for use in winter. Wind and winter Sun will be harsh on skin.


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