Effects of Flying

The inside of an aircraft is an artificial environment, so human beings might find that they don’t quite adapt too easily to these artificial conditions. Low humidity, low air pressure, constant background noise and increased radiation will have their effect.

Flu and Colds

Having many people in a confined space means being exposed to a lot of germs, so there is a fairly high chance of getting a cold. The dry air also increases the risk, though the air filtering in most modern aircraft will help lower the risk.

Trays, floor and Seat.

The previous passengers will leave germs. The food tray is often the worst offended. Some hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes will help.

Dry Air

The low humidity (dry air) on a plane is inevitable. Some people will find that their skin feels very dry after a few hours, other find their skin overcompensates by getting more oily.

Some moisturizer can make a big difference to you skin, especially if you travel frequently. And drink a reasonable amount of water.


When flying high you are not protected by the Earth’s atmosphere, so you are exposed to more radiation. Sunscreen will help. Light sunscreen with moisturizer is perhaps the best option.

Flat Tasting Food

The dry air and low pressure affects your sense of taste. This is at least part of the reason why airline food tastes a little flat. But we can mostly avoid the issue if we stick to savoury foods and tomato juice and avoid anything sugary or salty.

Blood Circulation

Sitting still for hours can cause cramps and other circulations problems. In extreme cases it can cause blood clots, especially in the legs.

Loose clothing and compression socks go a long way to preventing circulation problems. Exercise and good diet also make a big difference.


If we drink carbonated drinks and fatty food during or even before the flight we risk a bloated stomach.

Air Pressure

The air pressure changes as we gain or lose altitude. This can cause pressure on the ears. Chewing gum during take-off and landing will help.

Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus

An airport shuttle bus is a convenient way to get your group and all the luggage to the airport on time and in comfort.

airport shuttle

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