What to Look For In An Airport Shuttle

You have planned and booked the plane trip, reserved the accommodation, and made a list of the must-see attractions. Now all you have to do is get yourself and your travel party and all your combined luggage to the airport.

Sydney Airport Transfers are the better alternative to public transport, or trying to fit everything in a relative’s car.

An airport shuttle bus means you can leave in the earliest hours of the morning and still get some rest while traveling in the back of the shuttle bus. It also means not having to worry about a ride home on the return journey, when you probably have a touch of jetlag.

It doesn’t hurt to find the best shuttle bus available.

What to look for in airport transfers Sydney:

  • Reputation matters. What have other travellers said about the service?
  • Can they guarantee you will be there on time, every time?
  • Get the tight size vehicle. If you have several people you will really need a decent sized shuttle, especially when you factor in luggage.

Or if it is only a few travellers in your party you can feel very comfortable in a luxury sedan.

  • Air conditioning. This is less about luxury than it is about sharing space with many people.
  • Luggage room. You will not fit the luggage for several people in a normal car.
  • Can they collect you from your home at any time?
  • Shuttle busses can use the bus and taxi lanes, something most other vehicles cannot do. This avoids most traffic.


Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus

Have a vacation that starts the moment you leave the home. Use a shuttle bus and travel in style.

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