Australian Myths

Foreigners will inevitably get the wrong impression of another country. Real cultures are a mixture of diverse elements, especially if they are multicultural. They can never be reduced to a single pattern.

Some foreigners have the impression of Australia:

  • We all live on the beach.

While 80% of Australians are within an hour’s travel of the beach only locals live there. The beach is only one part of the lifestyle.

  • It’s always hot.

It can get that way, but we have snow and rainforests too. Best be prepared for the heat.

  • We keep local pets

Actually this is quite rare, it’s often illegal to keep wildlife as pets.

  • There are a lot of poisonous spiders and snakes

Well this is true, but snake fatalities are rare, and spider fatalities almost unknown for 30 years. More people die from drowning.

  • We eat BBQed shrimp

Some northerners do eat this, but they call them prawns, not shrimp. Uncommon.

  • We have an accent like the South African cricket commentators.

Accents vary, but South African accents are rare. This appeared on the Simpsons vs Australia.

  • We drink Fosters Beer

Actually we only export the Fosters, never drink it ourselves. We drink many other beers.

  • We spend too much time in the Sun

There is some truth to this. It might be more accurate to say that the Sun is very harsh in this country. Use sunscreen and a hat.

Traveling will dispel some misconceptions we have about other countries.

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