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A generation ago we were considered a little obsessive if we sprayed sanitiser on surfaces. Now it is getting to the point where we might be considered negligent if we don’t carry sanitizer, at least for a few situations. The other 7 billion people in this world are touching surfaces, and at least a few of them are transferring germs.

Germs and illness may be worse when we travel. Maybe it is because of all the people we are in contact with. Perhaps our immune system is not used to the foreign bugs. Either way, illness will really ruin a holiday.

A few places to watch out for, according to some experiments.

  • Self-check in display at the airport. Tests showed this was about the worst offender.
  • The armrest on benches.
  • Taps and buttons on water fountains.
  • Toilet flush buttons. Bathrooms in general.
  • Seat belt buckle on plane seat
  • Aircraft Tray table.
  • The pocket of the aircraft seat in front of you.
  • The floor of the plane – best to wear shoes.
  • Hotel remote controls
  • Hotel light switches
  • Pillows. Better to bring you own pillowslip.

Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes are of some benefit. We would suggest wiping down everything around airplane seat where you will be sitting for the flight, especially the tray table you will be eating off.

Getting germs on hands is the problem in itself, it is transferring those germs to your face. Washing hands before eating goes a long way to preventing most (not all) germ transfers. But even touching you face to put on glasses, blow you nose, or apply moisturizer / sunscreen can transfer germs. Wash hands whenever appropriate.

Staying hydrated, warm, sleeping and eating well makes a huge difference. If the immune system is fully operational your body can do a much better job at fighting the germs.

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