Local Culture

Discussions by passengers on a Sydney Airport Shuttle Bus often turn to differences between Australian culture and overseas destinations.


  • BBQ’s at hardware stores and political elections.
  • Beetroot on so many foods, including some BBQ items.
  • Children swingling on clotheslines.
  • Spiders, from harmless huntsman to funnel webs that rarely cause fatalities.
  • Checking shoes for spiders
  • Thick white zinc cream for Sunblock
  • Magpies swooping season
  • High property prices
  • The incredibly long distances between cities and towns.
  • You are expected to sit in the front seat of a taxi and be social with the driver.
  • Thanking the bus driver when you get off the bus
  • Nobody drinks Fosters beer, even though it is made her. Export only!
  • Aero guard insect repellent
  • School kids now being made to wear hats
  • Wearing gloves to drive because the steering wheel is hot.
  • Flashing headlight to warn drivers of a potential hazard.
  • Calling almost everybody ‘mate’.
  • Vegemite and how to spread it in the right proportion.
  • Hot Christmas days
  • Restaurants and eateries with every foreign cuisine from Asia and Thai to Italy and Europe.
  • Meat pies and sausage rolls. This is strange for some foreigners.
  • Tipping not expected, but neither is it refused.
  • Yes Australians occasionally eat kangaroos, but it’s not the most common meat. Even the locals consider it slightly strange.

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