Recommended Travel devices

There are more modern devices than ever before. Yet because of the many functions performed by these devices we can actually get by carrying less rather than more. Once device will sent emails, show us google maps and take more photo than we know what to do with.

Sometimes it is good to have all the accessories for the computer linked device.

  • Selfie stick for a camera / smartphone. Also doubles as a monopod (like a tripod) to hold the camera still. Bluetooth enabled sticks do even more.
  • Clip on telephoto lens phone. Only a few inches long this will clip over any smartphone lens to provide a different lens feature.
  • Video sunglasses. Take short videos and photos without using your hands.
  • Electric Foot warmers. Like shoe inner souls, but which warm up feet.
  • Noise cancelling headphones. An old but classic idea, which can be USB chargeable. Travel on a plane without background rumble.
  • Gloves that work on touchscreens. Though we are weary of using touchscreens in very cold conditions.
  • Super cheap Mp3 players, the size of a large coin. Always have music at hand, or a sleep inducing track for the plane. The memory card capacity is the only limit.

Some other handy items:

  • Scrubber wash bag – works like a scrubbing board in a bag. And quite compact.
  • Sand less beach bags and mats. Made of PVC mesh, so the sand just falls through.
  • Mini Iron, the size of a computer mouse.
  • Solar rechargeable light. Countless types.
  • Bottle water purifier. Have reasonably good drinking water anywhere.
  • Snowshoes with chains, allowing better grip in icy conditions.

Many powered devices are rechargeable via USB. This means we can often get by carrying only one charger, or one multi-charger. Else, many devices in hotels (like the TV set) will have a USB port that can be used to charge devices. 

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