Unexpected Foreign Laws

Laws exist either for a good reason, or because there used to be a good reason. Or maybe they are just the by-product of some bureaucratic misunderstanding.

  • No chewing gum in Singapore. We have all had at least one unpleasant sticky moment with gum at some point. This may not be such a bad restriction. Spitting is also illegal.
  • Stepping on currency in Thailand. You are stepping on the face or the royal family.
  • Wearing high heels on ancient monuments in Greece and some other places. This is because of damage to the ancient stone, though high heels might also be a safety issue.
  • No bringing mineral water or soft drink into Nigeria. They are available locally as Nigeria is one of the world’s highest consumers of soft drink.
  • Denmark apparently insists that lights should always be on when driving.
  • Since 2008 it has been illegal to feed pigeons in some parts of Italy. The local authorities don’t want to encourage the birds.
  • Jaywalking is illegal in the USA. Use the proper crossings.
  • Pseudoephedrine is banned in Japan. This is a common ingredient in nasal spray, which many travellers use when flying.
  • Public eating is not allowed during Ramadan in some Muslim countries.
  • Unauthorised Wi-Fi use is illegal in many places.
  • Running out of fuel, stopping, or even going under a certain speed on German autobarns.
  • Frowning is apparently illegal in Milan, Italy, though there are exceptions for funeral, and we are not sure how the law is enforced.
  • It is also illegal to eat near churches and public buildings in Italy.
  • Late night bathroom use in Switzerland does not allow anybody to flush after 10pm in an apartment.
  • Barcelona (Spain) only allows swimwear at beaches and pool. It is not to be worn in general public places.

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